1996 dodge stratus es will not start

The car will not start but it does crank fine.

I have already changed the crank position sensor and the PCM but still no difference.

The spark plugs get no juice(electricity) and when ever I put the key in the on position I hear all these bells and whistles going off. I think it is the security system and I have tried to disarm the security system by closing all the doors and opening the driver side by a key, but it is not working. Is there some other way to bypass the security system? I do not have the remote. Is the remote necessary to disarm the car. How much will a remote cost?

Could this problem be something else?


I don’t know that car, but it does sound like it is the security system. Is it an OEM or after market system?

I don’t think you can disable it now with just a key, I believe you need a remote. The procedure should be in the owner’s manual.

I suspect you are going to end up at the dealer for this one.

To some people, it’s blasphemy; but, would you be willing to render that “wonderful” security system null and void? If yes, OR, no, an Alarm and Security System shop could fix, or neutralize that system. Let your fingers do the walking through your Yellow Pages.

i have found on the web that the security system can be grounded. But i cant fine the wire. But the thing is it might not even bee the security system. But i just want to use process of elimination.

Security systems usually disable a critical subsystem. It can be the starter, the ignition system, or the fuel pump. You obviously are able to crank so that isn’t it. Use a spare spark plug to see if you are getting a spark. If that is present, check the fuel pressure to see if that is there. If you have all three you should be able to crank and run.

If you are truely getting no spark, you are going to have to troubleshoot the ignition system. Is power getting to the ignition module and coil? Is the primary current being interupted by the ignition module? Can you get a spark out of the coil with external jumping?

Get back to us if you come up with more information.