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96 Plymouth Voyager quits running while driving

I have a 96 Plymouth Voyager with 230,000 miles that will quit running doesn’t matter if I’m going slow through a parking lot or on the interstate. When going slow like backing up or through a parking lot I put it in P and restart it. Sometimes the engine light comes on, sometimes not. When traveling on road or interstate I mash on the gas and it restarts with turning the key. Some days it happens a lot, some days it doesn’t happen at all. I took to shop and they replace the MAP sensor but the next day it did it again. I took it back and they put replaced it thinking it was just a bad sensor. It still didn’t fix the problem so I took to another shop and left it there for a week so they could drive it hoping that it would happen for them but apparently it not. They did replace the ground wire in the wiring harness but two days later it quit running again as I was rolling down the interstate. Any ideas on where the mechanic should be looking?

I wonder if you have a defective ignition switch. Do you have a lot of heavy keys on your key ring? If you do and you just leave the ignition key when you take it to the shop, this may be why the technician can’t duplicate the condition.

  1. Replace cam position sensor.

B. Replace crankshaft position sensor.

Try driving it with just the ignition key. It will prove or disprove the ignition switch. Crank/Cam sensor is another possibility. Intermittent fuel pump could be another. Start with the key.

From my understanding, the cam/crank sensors fail with heat. This would mean the OP would not be able to restart the car until its cooled down. I’d pass on that theory currently. My money’s on the fuel pump going.