Starter circuit

I’ve got an '86 F-150; I pulled out of the parking lot where I work, stopped the truck to talk to my wife while it was idling and it simply died, Been testing everything, finally went to replacing parts. I’ve replaced the Ignition Control Module, the suppressor resistor, and recently the engine control module. Still nothing. I’ve checked the coil about a dozen times, it always checks out, but I have a new one and about to put it in…

the actual problem: no voltage going from the coil to the distributer… Lost my hang’s manual and can’t remember how much voltage should be entering the coil when the key is in run or start.

So, approximately how much voltage should be entering the coil?

There should be right around 12 volts at the coil and my memory is hazy but the wire in question should be red with a green tracer? That sound right?

If there is no power at that wire then the ignition switch (electrical part) could be suspect or (memory is fuzzy again) it’s possible that a fusible link is blown in that circuit. I think (?) there is a link in that red/green wire between the switch and coil/ignition module. Hope that helps.

yep, green with a yellow tracer, wiring diagram shows a fusible link but I never found it, traced both wires leaving the coil… one goes to the switch and ignition control module, the other to the engine control module (why I replaced both parts…)

but never did trace the wires ahead of the ingition control module…

guess it’s back to folling wires with the mult-meter…

thanks for the tip!