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185 Ford F-150 still won't start!

We have replaced everything from the steering wheel to the engine (key/ignition switch, starter switch, starter, solenoid and battery) and still getting nothing. What else could be wrong? It will start with a connection on the pos/neg solenoid bolts but when you turn the key…nothing! Please help!

Bad connection, possibly the ground, or the pos on the starter motor.

Meant to say 1985 in the title.

What is the fix to both of these?

If the truck has an automatic transmission, shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts, the problem is with the park/neutral safety switch.


Thanks! But I should have clarified. It is a manual. I tried it in neutral and in gear. Nothing.

The one switch we did not replace was the clutch safety switch only because it was a “dealer only” part…could that mean anything?

It could be the problem. Before purchasing the switch, unplug the connector from the clutch safety switch and insert a jumper wire in the connector and then try starting the engine with the transmission in neutral. If the engine starts, go to the dealer and get a new switch.


No cigar…

Ran a jumper to bypass the clutch safety switch then tried starting it in neutral. Nothing…

Any other ideas? Could it be just a faulty wire somewhere?

Also…is there a way to edit the original question so that I can change the year to 1985 instead of 185?

check the fusible links at the solenoid.