'89 F-150 dead

The truck started normally, I drove it down the driveway & shut it off. I tried to start it again and hear 2-3 clicks of the solenoid then nothing. Replaced solenoid and ignition switch. Won’t start. But here is the baffler - the truck is dead electrically. No horn, brake lights, etc. The battery is good. The solenoid is energized - I can short across the posts and the starter turns the motor over. But absolutely nothing as far as the switch, accessories, anything electrical. The ground to the block is good - otherwise the solenoid would not be energized. Help! I am an engineer and supposed to be able to figure these things out!!!

Check for a burned fusible link from the positive battery post. There’s one for the ignition switch and one for the alternator.


Thanks - I was wondering if there was an overall fuse somewhere. I will check this evening.

The fusible link should be between the positive battery lead and the main fuse block. But do figure out why it blew in the first place.