1995 Ford f350

I am not getting any power to my fuel injectors but the truck cranks and it wants to start

How do you know the injectors aren’t getting power? Did you use a noid light?

Yes i did use it and theres no power

usually the injectors have + 12 volt all the time on one side. the other side is grounded by the ecm when it wants to inject fuel. Are you saying the +12 volts is missing, or the pulses which ground the injector to inject fuel are missing? What to do next depends on knowing that.

Spray some starting fluid (ether) into the air intake ahead of the air filter while cranking, see if it starts that way

I tried that it starts but it shuts off

The ground is on the right or the left?

I don’t have a clue. I’d prefer to leave the next steps to the more experienced folks here, but I’m starting to think crankshaft sensor.

No idea which end is which. But one side of all the injectors will usually have +12 volts when the key is in the “on” position, and the other side will also + 12 volts (due to the current path through the solenoid winding), but is intermittently pulsed to ground by the computer. Do you have a way to measure voltages?

Yes i do have a way to measure

That would prevent the ecm from intermittently grounding the other side of the injector, so no fuel would be injected, but the +12 would still be measured as described above. For this problem it is critical to know whether the 12 volts is missing, or the grounding pulses are missing.

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