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Ford Truck- died on Hwy- No Spark

Brother in law’s truck-
1986 Ford 150, 302 eng, automatic, 2wd
Driving home from work- truck just died- tried to restart but died-
He replaced eng ign module, coil and distributor, still no spark-
Brother in law would appreciate any and all suggestions on what to try/look for.
Thank you-

Did brother-in-law test the ignition module, coil, and distributor prior to replacing them?

Were all three bad?

Or is he just throwing parts at the truck, hoping something will work?

Does he have a service manual for his truck?

Has he checked the simple things, like fuses?

We really need lots more information.

Check for voltage at the B+ wire to the ignition coil. With the ignition switch in the start position there should be battery voltage. With the ignition switch in the run position there should be about 8 VDC. If there’s no voltage in the start position the start wire from the ignition switch is open. But if there’s voltage in the run position the ballast wire is still good. If there’s no voltage in either the start position or the run position, both the start wire and the ballast wire from the ignition switch are open.


Like the good advice from Tester stated, power to the ignition system is always the first thing to check when having a problem like this. Using a test light probe is a simple an effective way to check things. If the power is ok then parts in the system need to be checked for the cause of the trouble.

Was the entire distributor replaced?

Does the rotor turn when the engine is cranked?

Thank you all for replies, will forward them to brother in law. Told him to get a Haynes manual and follow the tests procedures.
Off now to retrieve daughter s dead Saturn Green line, 200 miles away.
Tester, nice to know you are still with this forum. Many answers from you in the past.

The hall sensor is also apt to be junk…used to fall to pieces when you take the module out…plugging a new module in to three connectors that aren’t even there anymore…better remove the dist.

And beeeee careful changing the pickup…you must remove the dist drive gear (not sold anywhere) and many people break them…press it off…no hammers—at least metal ones.