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Stalls when revving while my Liberty starts up

Hey guys, when my car has sat overnight or all day at work, I’ll get in start the engine, give it some gas and it will sit there revving for a while before it jolts forward/backward.
It will do this about 10 times while driving, give it gas, wont move, jolt forward, until it warms up and it will work as intended.
Anyone know the issue I’m having?
Thanks in advance!

All 1915 Jeep Liberty do this. Seriously , you are describing a transmission failure if this is an automatic on this unknown year and mileage vehicle . First step is to check the fluid level if automatic , second step is an independent transmission shop . Not one of the chain operations.

Thanks a lot. I’m gonna take it down to the transmission shop today then. Shouldve never bought this piece of junk lol