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2003 Jeep Liberty Automatic Transmission Issue

2003 Jeep Liberty with about 85,000 miles on it. Yesterday I was when I applied gas to hold speed going uphill the engine revved up but the car did not accelerate. If it was a manual transmission I would say it was a slipping clutch, but it only does it in the situation I described. If I stop and then start moving again it will go through the gears normally. If I turn off the overdrive it seems to operate normally, except that it maintains higher than normal RPM at higher speeds.

AT fluid is up to proper level and appears clean.

Anyone have any idea what is happening here before I take it in to a dealer who will tell me that it needs a new transmission, engine, body and frame?

Does this happen when you accelerate around someone on the highway after maintaining a constant speed for a period of time?

Didn’t actually try that, but from the way it occurred I believe it would do the same thing. I think it is related to forcing it to downshift rather than the particular circumstances. I should probably also note that the engine light came on steady when this happened and has not gone out.

aye yai yai (is that how you spell that?) The engine light just might have been something to mention in the original post.

Something malfunctioned. Another name for that “check engine light” is “malfunction indicator lamp” (MIL).

The computer now has a “diagnostic trouble code” (DTC) or two stored in it. Its purpose is to help - well, diagnose trouble or malfunctions.

Many national chain-type auto parts stores will read these codes for free. The format is a P with 4 numbers (e.g. P0123). Have the computer scanned and post the exact codes here.

For whatever work may eventually need to be done, unless it has to do with warranty or recall issues, you don’t need to use a dealer. Just find a good, local, independent mechanic.