2002 Jeep Liberty transmission trouble



I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport. Recently I have been having issues with it. For one, when I turn the car on, the engine revs high. Then when I start driving, the car won’t shift. Instead it revs and keeps me at about 15-20 mph while the RPMs keep going higher. It had been doing this intermittently. Sometimes I was able to drive it pretty normally. I have noticed a burning smell off and on and haven’t been able to determine where that is coming from. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I’m worried it’s the transmi$$ion.


Yes, sounds like transmission.


You $hould be worried! Agree with @Purebred, sounds like a transmission problem.


Is the transmission fluid at the right level? Is it a good color?


Any time your rpms are going up but your speed isn’t, you are slipping the clutches in the transmission. That will ruin the transmission in a very short period of time-like a few minutes. But really on and 02, its probably time for a transmission overhaul anyway.