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Stalled 2001 Chevy S-10 Pickup

Just purchased a 2001 Chevy S-10 p/up from private owner. Drove it 3 days fine no problem, then it rained, was waiting on traffic light, then it stalled…rain had stopped by then…Now it will not start, the engine 4CY 2.2 will turn over, but not actually start. I can here the very faint hmm of the fuel pump & checked all fuses/relays…all seem ok Help !! What do I look for/do next? I had it towed to my home.

Pull one or the plugs or use a spare plug or a spark tester to see if you have spark - nice, strong, bright blue spark

If you have spark, blow some starting fluid into the intake & see if that gets it fired for even a few seconds.

Get it down to spark or fuel and you have a starting point.

Hello, Thank you for your reply…I will try when I get home. I know if I dont get fuel, the pump has died, and I know how to replace it…but if no spark then where do I go? Someone told me about a Ignition Control Module or a sensor?? Is this the same as the Coil Pack?
Thanks…Todd K.

Todd, given that you just bought the thing, on your way home stop by an auto parts store & drop $20 on a repair manual for the car. It will be Haynes or Chilton’s neither of which are particularly great but they will get you started, including giving you an overview of your systems (e.g. ignition/spark) and some testing steps. (While you’re there you can get the starting fluid & whatever you want to check the spark).

The fuel issue isn’t as simple as you get it or you don’t and if you don’t have it, it doesn’t mean replace the fuel pump. It might mean that. Or it might not. There is a fuel filter in there. Also a fuel pressure regulator & a set of fuel injectors. Then there is having the correct fuel pressure. With zero fuel pressure the first thing to do is check the system that provides power to the pump as you may have lost a fuse or relay for some reason or have some other wiring problem.

Anyway, get the stuff, check fuel/spark & report back.

Since your problem occurred while it was raining, it is likely to be moisture related. You may have gotten some moisture on your spark plug wires or ignition system, which is mounted pretty low on this engine. You may be due for a set of spark plugs and wires anyway, so you may want to change those, and be sure to use plenty of dielectric grease on the boots at both ends. Don’t buy the little packet of dielectric grease they will try to sell you at the counter when you buy the parts, spend a couple dollars more and get a tube of dielectric grease. You will then be able to treat the spark plug wires, as well as the harnesses going to your ignition system, as well as the connectors between the coil packs and the ignition module, and still have enough left over to last the rest of your life.

To treat the contacts between the coil packs and the ignition module, remove the two tiny bolts going into one of the coil packs (one coil pack is two towers). Pull the coil pack straight off. It sets on a couple of male slide terminals on the module. Grease the terminals on both the module and coil pack. Reassemble and repeat for the other coil. Be very careful not to overtighten the tiny bolts. Damage can easily occur. I won’t say this will solve your problem for sure, but it is a good possibility.

Hello, Thank you for your suggestion…I will check it out early tomorrow AM.
Kind Regards,
Todd K.

Hello Everyone,
Thank you to those who took the time to respond. Well, I figured out my problem…I am a little embarrased to admit…but the silly thing was out of gas. Turns out the gas guage does not work, I spoke with the previous owner, of course, he forgot to tell me that. I had put one gallon in, apparently that was not enough. I put 5 gallons in it this AM, two turns of the key,and away I went. I went directly to my local salvage yard, got the entire sending unit/fuel pump for $23.00…the dealer wanted $600.00. This will be my weekend project.
Kind Regards,
Todd K.