95 Chevy S-10 No Start, No Fuel


I have a '95 Chevy S-10 pickup 4wd V6 TBI, 159,000 miles. Truck was running fine this morning, parked for a while, then wouldn’t start. Tank is low but not empty, added more gas anyway but still won’t start. It runs briefly when I add gas to the throttle body, so I’m assuming it’s not getting fuel. I could never hear the fuel pump hum when it’s working, so I can’t tell if the pump is failed by listening. I checked the fuses, they look fine. I’m not sure I want to try replacing the pump myself on the street here so I’m probably having it towed tomorrow. Is there anything else it could be besides the pump? Anything I can check myself? The current fuel pump is original. The fuel filter is only a couple years old.


I worked on a 95 S10 Blazer with intermittent no-starts and thought the fuel pump was bad. Turned out to be bad wiring to the fuel pump. My father in laws F150 had the same problem, bad wiring to the fuel pump. Id check the wiring really good first before shelling out the $$$ and labor (or more $$$) for a fuel pump.


So after doing some reading about fuel pumps, I tried wacking bottom of the gas tank with a hammer this morning and it started and ran. Shut it off, tried starting again, wouldn’t start. Hit the tank a few more times, it started again and I drove it to the mechanic. I couldn’t even see the wiring to check it. Does this indicate a likely bad fuel pump? That was the mechanic’s opinion so he’s replacing it.


It does sound like the pump is bad. I think you are on the right course to fixing the problem.