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2000 Chevy S10 won't start in damp or humid weather

I have a 2000 Chevy S10 V6 with 176,500 miles that won’t start when weather is cold and damp or hot and humid. I’ve checked distributer cap, spark plug wires, ignition module, and replaced crankshaft position sensor because of a high resistance reading on the sensor (14.17 Megaohms). I’ve never had any fault codes. What else can I check before I decide to junk the truck.

a bad ignition coil can cause this problem.

By “won’t start” and then you going about ignition components, I’ll have to assume that the truck cranks over just fine, but won’t fire up. If that’s not true then you need to say so.

I don’t know how you’ve “checked” any of the ignition components. Problems like these are almost always simple ones of secondary ignition components.

The next time the weather is dry start the truck and use a misting bottle of water to start misting different components. You can use a plastic bag or something to isolate specific things. Keep misting until you find something that makes the truck stutter or stall.