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Stains out of nowhere


THe problem with the stains randomly appearing on my car started like 8 months ago with a few stains but started to appear faster later on, my Kia is a Rio 2016 hatchback .

  • I started working in a deserted land under the sunlight for 9hrs/day like a year ago (Normal for a middle eastern country)

The stains won’t go away with any polishing or cleaning
So this is my last hope before i give my car a new painting job

Thank you in advance

Is yours the only car with this mottled appearance, or do others have it? If it’s common (or not) to where you work or live, that might help figure it out.

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Looks like the clearcoat started delaminating because Kia put on very thin coat of paints on most of its vehicule. I would call kia and let them know about it because it might end up looking really bad if you don’t take care of it. A paint manufacturer defect could be the cause.


Yes , this brand of cars is very common here and i see them all time , only my car have these stains on them , that’s uncommon for a 5 years old vehicle even in the severe hot weather we have.

I’ve thought about that , i should give it a go with Kia and see how it goes

Yes, you should show this to the folks at the local dealership, and if they reject your claim, then you should discuss this with the Kia folks at the corporate level. However, you should be prepared for rejection of your claim by the manufacturer, based on the age of the car.

Yes, some manufacturers (Toyota comes to mind, with their pearlescent white paint) have repainted cars this old, but that was because of widespread, well-publicized paint problems. If this is a relatively isolated instance, it is unlikely that Kia will come to your assistance.

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And where is that ?

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Yeah that’s the reason why i thought it would be a waste of time to even to go after them , but as long as it is free ill give it a shot , i know a guy who faced the same problem but with a porsche , he called the headquarters and made a complaint and they componseted him with a repaint and a luxury watch , who knows.

Bahrain - Middle East

Well, given the “basic” price of those vehicles, I would certainly hope that they would stand behind the integrity of their paint. And, who knows whether that guy might have paid extra in the first place for one of Porsche’s incredibly overpriced optional paint colors?

Gotta agree with that. If the clear is gone, no amount of polishing will bring it back.

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With the difference in color or failing coating between the hood and other panels, it appears that the hood was repainted, poorly.


Sometimes new cars are damaged in transit on car carriers by trees if they are on the top of the trailer or by battery acid if the car above them is tilted steeply to make it fit.

The repaint is done as cheaply as possible and will look good for a while but it won’t hold up like factory paint.