2012 Kia Rio paint inflated after water leak


The paint right under the window on the trunk started inflating after I had water leaking from the windshield washer , they fixed it, however the paint has peeled off along the whole section.I asked about it when I brought the car in for my oil change, they said to bring it to a paint shop.I now see it is starting to inflate on one of the wheel rims. My car only has 87,000 kilometres on it. I have never seen this before

Paint doesn’t inflate. I guess you mean that it looks like bubbles under the paint. That is rust. The way to control it is to remove it and prime then paint over the area.

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Kia’s are known for peeling paint.


Regardless of the odometer mileage, after 8 years some cars will develop rust under the paint–some more than others. The last Chevy that I owned developed this problem after ~4 years.

If you don’t wax the car once or twice a year then they will be more prone to this type thing .

I don’t believe that wax will prevent a paint delamination problem, it is a defect with the primer or E-coat material or application.

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Windshield washer? Front of car? Trunk. Rear of car? Ah, rear window washer? Do Kia Rios have rear washers?

Since Kilometers are involved I assume, right or wrong, that Canada may be involved in this. That means snow, salt, and rust. Could be rust caused, problem with the factory paint, or poor paintwork from a previous repair which may be unknown to you if you bought the car used.

I read an article in an auto journal some years ago which stated that something like 30% of all cars have been hit at some point by the time they’re 7 years old.