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Car paint beat up after winter!

Hey all!

So, I have a 2015 Kia Sportage EX. I like the Suv, but I didn’t realize how badly my paint would be beat up after driving during the winter. I live in the Midwest, and we do have a lot of snow/salt on the roads, but I have never had a car do this. My ride has the clear bra type of things that are at the bottom of the rear door (I’m guessing to prevent rock chips). Anyway, that did it’s job, but I have quite a few chips in that clear bra type of material. Can these be replaced?

Also, I have a ton of small rock chips around the clear bra type of material area. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this, or do I just have a really bad Suv design? I am kind of frustrated. I will touch them up, but I’m super anal, and I feel like it shouldn’t be doing this.

Should I replace those clear bra sticker things at the bottom of car doors? If so, where can you get them and what do they cost typically? Have any of you ever replaced them before?

Thanks all for your thoughts/advice!

I’m in Minnesota but sorry I don’t know what you are talking about unless it is the 3M type clear film protector. Maybe they used a different product. At any rate I don’t use it. Its almost Spring but not quite ready yet. Twice a year (chips need to be touched up right away) I clay bar, machine polish, glaze, and wax the cars. Keeps the paint looking fresh.

I also do not know what this refers to…

You can buy those clear plastic film sections at your Kia dealer, cut to the same shape as the originals or you can buy a roll of it at an auto parts store.

It is best left to a professional, if you try to apply it yourself it will probably look like the film on the bumper below, all bubbles. Applying this film is much like applying window tint film, it requires talent.

That looks like a bad situation, cannot believe it, our optima on salted roads shows no such symptoms.

Do you think that the dealer can remove the current ones and install new ones? I would imagine they’d charge at least an hour of labor.

I’ll have to ask KIA the next time I’m there for service. So far, I’m not that impressed with this vehicle ):

I have replaced them for 1/2 hour each, not everyone in the shop is experienced with this. If your dealer has a body shop on site they should be able to replace these with no problem.

Yikes! I have a 17 year-old car, 300,000 miles+, driven year-around trough sanded and salted roads(with no clear stickers) and not all the chips you’re describing.

It seems like it could be a problem with design or paint. Do quarter panels/fenders/doors stick out? Perhaps that’s why they tried to add the protection.

I don’t know a Kia Sportage EX from a hill of beans. They are not sold here, but I’d have a quality body shop (or 2) examine this thing. They can tell you if it’s “normal” and advise on your best options.