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Stablilink on 2006 cadillac

When we start the car a signal comes on to service the stablilink. What does this mean.

“Make My Day And Pay My Next Boat Payment.”

What ? Cadillac doesn’t supply Owner’s Manuals Anymore ? I’ll bet it’s in there.

Of course they still supply Owner’s Manuals.

However, until GM can perfect a way to have the glove compartment door open automatically and have the manual levitate into the driver’s hands when a trouble light is illuminated, most of those owners will not read the manual.

Somebody Help Me Out, Here. Is Stabililink The Same As Stabilitrak, Or What ?
Enlighten Me, Please. I’m Not Up On All These Gadgets (Don’t Fit With The KISS Theory).

06-08 DTSs that have the Stabilitrak light illuminated, along with Service Stabilitrak, have corroded C202 connectors below the steering column and need a clip installed. No biggy.


I just had mine repaired for around $950.00. That also included replacing a fowled plug, so I don’t know if the poor purformence was the stabilitrac or the plug or both.