Service StabilTrak

my 08 Trailblazer displays this message once in a while. when i turn the car off and then back on it’s gone. what causes it and what is involved in servicing? is it something a pretty good shade tree mechanic can do?

Not a shade tree item. StabilTrak is a sophisticated computer controlled system that interacts with the ABS brakes, fuel injection, and ignition timing systems to keep the car from rolling over.

About the only maintenance is to have your brake fluid changed every 3 years, as the fluid can absorb moisture. Since you are about due for that service you could have it done. Otherwise a GM dealer is probably going to have to get involved. They have equipment to test and troubleshoot the system. I expect every general mechanics shop would not have the diagnostic tools that’s why you are stuck with a GM dealer on this on.

When the light is on the system is not active and your safety is reduced. Since the light goes out again, perhaps the system is active but the computer is not getting all the info it requires all the time.

For more info as to whether this is a normal “test” that is causing the light you need to check your owner’s manual.

thanks…I guess I’ll get it checked. boy i hate going to the dealership…so expensive!