Saturn outlook

Can anyone give direction as to how to correct Stabilitrack and Traction Control Problems, with traction control and engine light on? I have 52000k on 2007 outlook. The lights started coming on Dec 2015 but the vehicle runs fine so far. Checking other blogs it seems like a nightmare to correct if at all. But most of those was from 2010 or before saying replace timing chain, camshaft washer, brake fluid etc. Is there any recent information on repairing? Any help is appreciated.

What we need to know is whether the Check Engine Light is also lit up.
That question is relevant because if the CEL lights up (indicating a problem with the emissions system, or possibly with the ignition system), the vehicle stability control and traction control systems will be disabled, along with the Cruise Control.

So, if the CEL is lit up, the first step is to have the Diagnostic Trouble Codes read–possibly gratis, by an auto parts retailer like Auto Zone or Advance Auto. If there are DTCs present, then clearing up the underlying problems indicated by those codes should cause the stability control and traction control systems to come back to life.

If this strategy is to no avail, any GMC, Buick, or Chevy dealership with a good service department should be able to figure out the problem. Even though the Saturn brand is dead, your Outlook is mechanically identical to the GMC Acadia, the Buick Enclave, and the Chevy Traverse, so those dealerships have undoubtedly encountered this problem previously.

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You need to get the codes downloaded as suggested by VDC immediately. A constant Check Engine Light is a sign that there’s a problem, and it could be causing damage the longer it occurs. Post the codes here and we’ll try to help.

Pull the codes. So many reasons and potentially very inexpensive. The stabiltrk is on because engine light is on.

It is more than likely a wheel speed sensor. Having the code read will give you the info on the fix. If you live in a state that allows parts stores (Autozone or Advance) to read the codes, post them back here and we can help more.