StaBil with ethanol or Petrol without ethanol

We will be leaving our auto. sit for 4 months. Should we leave the gas tank full or empty & with ethanol treated with stabil or marine grade fuel?

Four months is not worth worrying about…Today’s fuel systems are sealed, so the amount of fuel in the tank is not critical…A little Stabil will not hurt anything…Pump gas is fine…

Use normal gas with normal fuel stabilizer. Products like Stabil work up to one year with a single dose. I would let the gas get down to about 2.5 gallons and add one ounce of fuel stabilizer. Then run the engine for a little while to get the stabilized fuel in the entire fuel system.

Prior to parking the vehicle, add the fuel stablizer and fill the tank. Once the vehicle is parked, disconnect the battery.


you could use extra protection by using marine stabil… it is blue not red.

Several things to think about when storing a car.

At about 4-6 months is about as far as you can go safely without adding a stabilizer. 16 months is about the limit for storage even with a stabilizer.

Find a safe place to leave it. Indoors is best in a secure area. I suggest removing the battery and storing it at a different location (makes stealing it more difficult. thieves seldom carry a selection of batteries with them. Make sure you have any codes that might be needed to get the radio back up an running.

Call your insurance company. They may allow you to cancel your collusion coverage which is the most expensive part of the insurance. If the car is not driven collusion is not doing you any good.

Don’t add ethanol. It is very unlikely to be needed on a modern car and if it is needed, you can take care of that after you get back.