Ethanol fuel deterioration

I move between residences annually. I’ve had no problems disconnecting the battery on Honda Accords ( this time a 2006) while I’m gone and starting them up after as much as four months when I return. I now need to do this for eight months. Some persons have told me not to do this at all. Others have suggested that it will be okay if I use a fuel stabilizer such as Sea Foam or Sta Bil. I don’t know which of these responses is correct, and I’d appreciate your opinions.

I use both Seafoam and Sta-Bil for fuel storage. That period of vehicle storage I would go with the Sta-Bil product. Add the product per label instructions and fill the tank prior to storage.


In addition to Sta-Bil; change out the Oil & Fuel filters before starting after 8 months. Put vehicle on jack-stands to help wheel bearings and tires. And use Sta-Bil or sea foam on the 4 month periods as well… Fuel starting leaving varnish deposits fairly soon - which ultimately is not doing the system any good - even though it starts.

Fuel starts leaving varnish deposits fairly soon… [typo correction]

Fuel gets aging in just 15 days or so… Varnish can build up - like plaque in the arteries…

Eight months is almost no time at all. I had a car sit for two years, no fuel stabilizer. When I finally got around to making the necessary repairs and gave it a new battery, the car started right up and ran smoothly.

Add fuel stabilizer if you will. It may not be necessary but will surely give you peace of mind.

Sta-Bil recommends a double dose for extended periods. That’s what I’d do.