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Storing a car with ethanol gas

We have a 2017 Nissan Murano that we store for a few months during the winter. Most gasoline sold here contains 10% ethanol. I know that stuff is bad in small engines, but what about a modern fuel injected vehicle? Should I worry about the ethanol ruining the fuel system while it sits unused for a few months?

No worries. Should be fine for 6 months. If it is stored any longer than that, I’d add fuel stabilizer and fill the tank.


If you are worried about it buy a bottle of Startron and dump about half of it in or follow directions on bottle as they have different concentrations . Probably about $8-10 for a bottle .

I always put ethanol free fuel and fuel stabilizer in the tank when I store a vehicle. After storing engines with E10 in the tank, I won’t make that mistake again.