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Truck Storage

I own a 2003 GMC Sierra 4X4 and it gets driven rarely. It is my toy. I do drive it alot during hunting season but after December it gets parked until mid April. During that time, what should I do? Full tank of Stabiled gas, or near empty tank of Stabiled gas and fill with fresh in Spring? Take weight off wheels? Disconnect battery? Help!!

I think you have the right idea with the fuel stabilizer, and most people recommend a full tank of fuel when doing so. You aren’t storing it long enough to worry about the fuel, as long as it is stabilized. I would just add a good trickle charger. Removing the battery before you connect the charger can add some theft protection.

Three months isn’t that long. I’d fill the tank with stabilized fuel and hook up a Battery Tender. Nothing else should be necessary.

what should I do? Full tank of Stabiled gas, Yea.

[i] Take weight off wheels?[/i]  No need.  It has not been needed since the 1970's.  

 [i] Disconnect battery? [/i]  Or put it on a battery tender (preferred in my book)  However I would remove the battery, bring it inside your home away from the car.  That will make it far more difficult for someone to steal your car, unless they just happen to have the right battery with them.

 Also talk to your insurance company.  They may allow you to cancel the collusion part of your insurance and since you will not be driving it, you are not likely to have an collision.  Collusion is the most expensive part if most insurance policies.

Can you find no-ethanol gas (non-oxygenated)? This will stay good longer than gas with 10% ethanol.

Add stabilizer, fill the tank, and drive home or about 5 to 10 miles to make sure the stabilized gas makes the trip from the tank into the motor.

Only disconnect the battery if you have one of those 9V devices that plugs into the auxillary power port. This will preserve your “settings” in the trucks various computers. Me, I’d leave the battery hooked up. I’d also be ready with a jumper box, or jumper cables, in case the battery is run down when you go to start it in April.

Don’t worry about the tires and springs. Do pay attention to where you park it. Can it be damaged by tree limbs etc. If there is a lot of debris from trees (leaves, pollen) you might consider a cover.

The very real danger is mice, squirrels, and other pests invading your truck while it is parked. Check the “search” feature of this site for some posts on dealing with mice and other pests. They can chew wiring, seat cushions, and insulation materials when they build nests and the damage can be costly to repair.