Honda Accord SRS light

I have a 1996 Honda Accord (V6) sedan (automatic transmission) and the SRS light came on recently, right after I had an oil change and a North Carolina emissions inspection done. I am not sure how these could be related, but the timing was odd–the light was off when I dropped the car off and on when I picked it up. Is there a chance it was related to something the mechanic did?

Do these lights ever come on erroneously, or am I most likely without functioning airbags now?

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If the light is on, the airbags won’t deploy.

I can’t think of anything an oil change would have to do with this situation except damage to an impact sensor in the bumper area by a ham-fisted technician.

He had an N. C. Emissions Inspection done, and an oil change done.
In some starts, an emissions inspection is no more that a scan with a scan tool. N. C., I don’t know.

Read this:

Thanks for the responses. The instructions for clearing the light just clear the light without fixing anything, correct–if the light being on always means that the airbags won’t deploy, as one poster said, then I assume the instructions for clearing the light are for people who need the light off to pass some sort of inspection but don’t care about not having working airbags?

I assume it’s usually expensive to fix the airbags in this sort of situation?

No, when you reset the SRS light, and it doesn’t come back on, it’s fixed. The SRS system has a self-diagnostic that it runs. If the system has a problem, it WILL turn the SRS light on. Anything may have turned the SRS light…the battery was disconnected, a gamma ray hit the sensor, static electricity, etc., etc.

Gamma rays - energetic, unstoppable!

Can someone tell me what the SCS is that’s referenced at the website disastar posted?