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Subaru Outback

I have a squeak coming from the front left tire area and I can’t figure out what it is. The ball joints were done recently (within 20,000 miles) and the CV Boots were done 3,000 miles ago. A shop told me that it was the brakes, but I doubt it. Stepping on the brake doesn’t change the noise or make it go away, and I can only hear it when I’m driving next to a wall or parked cars. The squeak is directly related to how fast the car is moving, so when I speed up the sound occurs faster.

Possible worn wheel bearing.

You said the squeaking noise is speed related so perhaps there is a rim/tire sidewall defect.

Identification info on the vehicle helps with diagnosing. Year/model/trans/mileage/engine. Does your handle reflect the year and model of this vehicle?

I hear this sound when the sensors for the brakes tell me to replace. You are right, braking does not change the sound but it is not actually a sound from the brakes but rather from the sensor. I would change the brakes.