Squeel in wheel

I recently noticed a squeel in one of the wheels of my wife’s Buick LeSabre. It was after having the tires rotated, but I am not certain if the squeel was there before the rotation.

The noise is pretty much constant, but if the brakes are applied, the squeel stops. My assumption is that she needs a new wheel bearing, but could this also be a brake problem?

It sounds like the brake wear indicator to me. Get them checked.

Thanks for the advice, but the indicators squeel when applying the brakes, don’t they? This squeel is constant - except when the brakes are applied. Just the opposite of the normal indicators for pad wear.

Actually the indicators squeal as they gently touch the spinning rotor. When the brakes are applied the indicators are pressed hard against the rotors and emit little noise.

I agree that you probably need new pads. When the brakes are applied the indicator gets mashed down and is pushing to hard against the disc to make it’s noise. If it were a wheel bearing the sound would likely change in some way when going around turns, especially if the noise is coming from the front.

Thanks for the advice, guys. Since the tires were recently rotated by my regular garage, I assumed they would check the brakes. They rarely miss a chance for a few extra bucks, and they do take good care of us.

I’m going out for another test drive - on a curvy road.

Thanks again!