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Squeeky/squeeling steering column

I am too embarassed to ask my brother once again to diagnose my car problem. I have a 2006 Honda Accord. I had this awful loud squeeling noise that is even louder on the passenger side. It seem to occur each time I applied the brakes. I added more brake fluid, per brother, and it stopped for a day. The it came back, but it now seems it come (off and on) whenever I turn to the left, and the noise coming from the passenger side.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Many (all?) brake pads are equipped with little tabs of metal that, when the pad is worn, will scrape against the rotor to let the driver know that it’s time to have the brakes serviced.

Time to have a mechanic pull the wheels off and inspect the brakes.

You needed to add brake fluid to a two-year-old Accord? Hard to believe, but you didn’t tell us how many miles are on this car. Was the brake fluid low? How much did you ad?

Brake wear indicators make a screeching noise, but it usually STOPS when you apply the brakes. Noises that happen WHEN you apply the brakes are often caused by a lack of shims or lubricant behind the brake pads.

Have you had any brake work done on this car?

I’ll be really surprised if you say, “Yes,” but please answer. And also please tell us how many miles this Accord has accumulated in its short life.