Squeeky brakes

My brakes squeak something terrible. I have had them checked and have been told twice that there is nothing wrong with them by mechanics. The most recent was last week. What can I do? It’s embarrassing and I certainly hope not dangerous.

Thank You for any help.

When they were checked did you ask about the squeaking? What was said? Was this a national chain store? Was it that store that did the brakes?

These squeaks can be easily fixed with some anti-vibration hardware and a few dabs of well placed brake grease. This anti-vibration hardware would have been part of the original brakes - but it often wears out and not replaced when brake jobs are done. Its not necessary for safety and is only about noise control.

Thanks so much for your response.

Yes, I asked about the brakes squeaking and was told that there was nothing wrong with the brakes. The first place about a year ago just said there wasn’t anything to do. This last time, the mechanic mentioned lubricating the brakes and I think he did because I drove it for the first time today and they didn’t squeak. The first place was a tire store that also does auto tune ups. They are local. The last place was highly recommended as a good foreign car repair place and he is local. He did some other work for me and the car is running great.

I had the brakes originally replaced by another local garage about 4 years ago along with a tune up. They felt funny and squeaked a little, but nothing like they did after being replaced for a while. I was not happy with their work in general and I’m sure they probably did not replace the anti-vibration hardware you mentioned.