Squeeking sound when driving but not when braking

The right tire/wheel is making squeaking sound when driving. The sound stops when brakes are applied.
The sound comes only few times and not all the times. It does not sound when driving on highways.

Any help to troubleshoot this issue is appreciated.

That sound you’re hearing is the wear indicators on the brake pads most likely, telling you it’s time for brakes.

The OP’s brake pads are almost surely worn out.
This is something that needs to be attended to a.s.a.p. unless being able to stop the car is not a priority for the OP.

Yup, brake wear indicators.


It sounds like the brakes to me too. If a brake assessment shows no issues w/the brakes, next in line is the possibility of a failing wheel bearing or possibly the backing plate is making contact with some moving part of the wheel ass’y.