Squeakin down the road

I have a squeaking noise coming from the front of my car as I drive down the road which goes away with any pressure applied to the brakes, disc brakes of course. So I thought I must need new pads and that I am hearing the wear indicator…But alas my pads appear to be fine. Are there any other squeaks that could behave like this? Thanks.

Just how fine do the pads look? It’s possible that the wear indicator was bent too close to the rotor when they were installed, so it’s srematurely squeeking. You might try bending back just a bit with a scrwewdriver, but ONLY if the pads are truly good.

Dry, hardened sway bar bushings can also cause this.
The reason it may go away when you apply the brakes is that the stance of the car changes and this alters the position of the sway bar in the bushing slightly.

Try bouncing each front corner of the car up and down and note if you hear a squeak. If so, it’s probably the sway bar bushings.

There are other things like lower control arm through bolts or even ball joints and tie rod ends that can squeak, but the brakes and sway bar bushings are first.