Squealing wheels after alignment?

I recently (about a month ago) had two new front tires put on my 2002 Mazda PR5, and had an alignment done at the same time. I’m now getting a loud squeal from one of the wheels with a new tire. The squeal stays with me at all speeds, and only goes away when I apply the brakes. Is it just a coincidence, or could the tire shop have caused it during the tire and or alignment processes? Thanks for the advice

You go to one of the national-tire companies??? While alignments aren’t that hard to do…what it does take it a bit of patience and someone who will take their time and do it right. The national-tire chains mainly hire high-school drop-outs in their early 20’s…many DON’T have the patience to take the time to do it right. With an alignment you may need to adjust Side-A…then adjust Side-B…then back to side-A…then B then A again…until it’s finally aligned correctly.

Did they do a 4-wheel alignment??

The squeal is probably the brake wear indicator telling you it’s time for new brakes. The wear indicator is designed to get your attention before the brake pads wear all the way down to nothing and you damage the rotors.

This is not related to the alignment.

Have someone check the brakes.

I had it done at the local Pep Boys–it was a 4 wheel alignment. Do you think they messed me up?

I was under the impression that the brake wear indicator would squeal at you when you applied the brakes. In this situation, the only time I’m not getting the squeal is when I’m using the brakes.

I have the brakes being checked right now though just to be safe. Thanks for your advice.

The wear indicator will make noise when the brakes are not applied, as soon as you apply the brakes the noise will stop.

I wouldn’t trust Pep Boys to change my oil correctly. Take the car to a local mechanic who has the equipment to do alignments. There might even be someone who specializes in Alignments and suspension work.

This is a common misconception. The wear indicator screeches annoyingly UNTIL you step on the brake pedal. Then the noise stops.

It’s the brakes, not the alignment, that need attention.

Thanks so much for clearing that up. I hope that means I only need new pads, not something more drastic and expensive.