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Chrysler 200 Squeak/creaking

So recently after new tires installed and alignment done (1 month ago) I noticed a squeak/creaking sound while driving (0-40MPH) if i turn my wheel right a little it will squeak. It sound like its coming from the right side rear wheel. Prior to tire/alignment i had my brakes changed and resurfaced the rotors (2 months ago). My car is a 2013 chrysler 200. I noticed the noise a day after the alignment but not sure if it was happening after the brakes.

Also stops when applying brakes this is the sound same as the BMW.

Possibly cheap aftermarket pads or installer forgot to apply anti-squeal to the backs of the pads or the correct clips between the pads and mounts.

Ok I bought the Ceramic pads from autozone

This may be a little too late, but you should have taken it back to the alignment shop.

Sometimes when cars are lifted off the ground at all four wheels, some suspension parts get over-extended from everything hanging loose. This should not be the case with such a newer car.

This is not something to blame the shop for, it is more in the way a poor design of the suspension by the factory.

I would take it back and ask if they car at least look at it.


I just had the mechanic install them

Seems like a brake related noise to me.

I did take it back within 2 days the car was out of line again and they said that noise was most likely the brakes. I was told never take my car back to that shop again.

A car won’t go out of alignment in 2 days unless it wasn’t aligned correctly in the first place, or there’s a loose suspension or steering part.

I know they said that it was my fault because i might have hit a dip to hard but the first time they left my steering wheel crooked and it went to the right by itself… Still the current issue as well.

Steering wheel was crooked after alignment? Ok, I concur w/the advice you were given to use a different alignment shop for future needs.

Yup my uncle had an issue with alignment from them they deny there faulty machine

A local mechanic (very popular…always booked at least a week out) says he now uses only OEM pads and new rotors and has eliminated complaints after brake jobs.

I must be lucky with brakes. I’ve always used the mid-priced aftermarket pads (not the least expensive, and not the most expensive) and never experienced a single brake squeak problem in 35 years of brake pad replacements. I know folks have problems with squeaks, I hear them in the supermarket parking lots, but for some reason these squeaks haven’t happened to my cars.

Had all 4 brake pads remove and replaced and car has been ok the other ones were rusted only 1 month old or so.


what brand brake pads did you install this time?

Kinda funny that people Only buy OEM brake parts since there Extremely few if any make their own brake parts. Companies like Wagner are OEM part supplier.

Best of luck for squeak free driving OP! Thanks for keeping the forum up to date on your progress.

BTW, I was thinking about my own squeak free driving experiences, and decided when I hear cars in the parking lots with squeaking brakes, they tend to be larger cars and trucks with disc brakes all around, smaller econoboxes, especially those w/front disc/rear drum, not so much squeaking from them. So maybe the bigger vehicles tend to have squeakier brakes for some reason.


Maybe because they really don’t want noise, and they’ve had problems with afermarket pads . . . including/especially Wagner

Consider this, though . . . Wagner may be OEM for some manufacturers, but perhaps not your particular car

We’ve been through this countless times before, and I’m not changing my mind or anybody else’s mind, for that matter