2011 Lexus ES 350 - Noise after alignment

After 4 wheel alignment on the road some tire noise started. No noise before. Mechanic told me that front wheel bearing and hub bearing need to replace. Is this correct or wheel alignment not done properly?

If the tires have worn improperly due to a bad alignment, they can become noisy for a time when a proper alignment is done. But if your mechanic says a wheel bearing needs to be replaced, I suggest you listen to him. Very bad things can happen if it fails.

Unless you notice a degradation in the car’s handling, then the probability that the alignment was done improperly is minimal.

A bad wheel bearing is a possibility, but there is another possibility, IMHO.
If the tires were rotated at the time that you had the alignment done, it is possible that “new” wear patterns on the tires are causing some noise–particularly if they had not been rotated for a long time.

1 bad wheel bearing? Have him show you a quiet wheel noise and show the noisy wheel? Car has 4 wheels. All sound the same? He says 1 or more are noisy. Prove it.

Either you trust the mechanic or you don’t. If you don’t, find another mechanic or get a second opinion.

If I was a pro and someone came back to my shop and made that challenge, I’d tell them to leave and return when the noise got louder or the wheel fell off.


Car was quiet. Had alignment. Now it’s noisy. Tech says wheel bearing? You replace 2 and noise remains? Or noise is gone. Gotta do something.

It’s not uncommon to not notice a noise until you have work done on the car.

As the bearing slowly goes bad, the noise slowly gets louder, and you don’t really notice it. Then you have a shop do some work, and your senses are on overdrive monitoring the car to see what that damn crooked mechanic did to your ride. That’s when you notice the noise.


I’m wondering if it’s the tires, as mentioned above. Were they rotated?

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An alignment is pretty much a waste of time if the wheel bearing is worn as that allows specs such as camber and toe to wander around a bit.

I tend to think maybe the tire tread has some irregular wear and it’s now become more noticeable. An alignment will not cause any noise.
If you got a printout of the alignment I suggest you look the figures over and see what was out of kilter.

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Bought new tires and no noise . Then decided for 4 wheel alignment then little noise when car on the road. Any wrong done by mechanic
when doing alignment? There wa

I doubt if the noise and alignment are related . Have you talked to the alignment shop ? You still have not said if the noise started right after the alignment or after a few miles .

Noise we hear right after alignment

Did they rotate the tires?

Texases has correcttly asked twice now whether or not the tires were rotated and still not a simple yes or no answer.

Bought and replaced 2 new tires from Costco as was necessary. Other 2 tires in good shape as bought 2 years ago. Same brand.
As was done before and routine for upkeep. Costco installed as required. No noise and it was OK.

Then thought due to new tires and rotation, decided to go for 4 wheel alignments after 2 weeks.

Notice noise after alignment. We had flat tire due to nail so took to that service station who did Allignment.

Guy who repair tire took for road drive and diagnose that need to replace in front one side wheel bearing.

I have no confident that Guy was qualified to diagnose that noise due to wheel bearing or due to Wheel alignment?

Then you just have to get a second opinion and as was said the noise was probably there and you just did not notice until the alignment. Also the 2 new tires should have gone on the rear and if so you rotated too soon.

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