Squeaky brakes when reversing, no one can find anything wrong

Hey all,
I have a 2015 Toyota Camry. Whenever we start the car and put it in reverse, the brakes squeak, REALLY loud. The squeaking goes away after the car runs for a little bit. This started during the winter (of 2021 - we’re in a suburb of Chicago). I had new brakes installed on the front in August of 2021. After hearing the squeaking, I took the car into one place and they said it might be the rotors. They also said the back brakes were at 40%. So I had them change the rotors and they also put on a “ceramic boot (?).” But, the squeaking came back. I took it to another place and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. They said the squeaking isn’t uncommon, but this is really loud. It goes away after the car has been driven for a few, but it’s obnoxious and probably annoys the neighbors, especially in the early morning. Anyone run into this? If so, what did you do?

I hate to say this, but you need to find a much better shop

If a shop can readily duplicate that brake squeak complaint, but can’t properly diagnose and repair it, they’re not as good as they think they are


You need to leave the car at the shop overnight.

Because, if the noise only occurs when you first drive the car and then goes away, it’s going to be impossible for a shop to diagnose the problem.

And when you leave the car at the shop, tell them if you park the car in a garage, or if it’s parked outside.

That way they can create the exact same conditions when the noise occurs.



That’s what I had thought, initially. I took the car to a Levin Tire and that’s who changed the rotors. But then after the squeaking came back, I took it to a place that had amazing reviews. Their staff was great and I really trusted them. Maybe, I try a third place… lol.

Thanks for the response!

Yeah, that’s probably gonna have to be how I do it.

I appreciate your response. Thanks!

Mine get a nice coating of surface rust in a day or two, they squeal
like a pig for the first two or three uses of brakes.


If you park the car so your first braking in the AM is while going forward, is there any difference?

Genuine Toyota brake pads with whatever shims, clips, etc. they need are less likely than some aftermarket parts to cause problems like this.

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just a thought… I believe your car came with ceramic pads. if they put in a cheap brand of semi-metallic pads, it may be causing your problem.

I have normal rotor rust where I live. My Town and Country will very often make noise when I back out of the garage and brake in reverse. It only happens that one time. None of my other cars have done this unless they have set a longer period of time. But in your case, if it’s loud enough for the neighbors to hear, I suspect there’s more here than rusty rotors.

A good shop would know which brake components are reliable and quiet . . . and which ones are problematic and noisy

I will try parking it forward and see if that does anything. Any experiments are of help at this point.

I am curious about what brand of parts the place I went to in August used to change the breaks.

Yeah… I’m starting to wonder about the place where I took it in August of 2021 to get the front breaks changed. They’d always done good work for us but I had heard not good things around the time I took it in. Maybe a change in ownership or something…

Appreciate the response. I’m probably gonna take it to the dealership… (big sigh)

I wish that was case for me. No such luck though. Keeps squealing.

I appreciate your response. I’m wondering if they did a cheap/lousy job. The place I went to always did right by us, but this has me wondering.

thats because they were putting in breaks instead of brakes. LOL :wink: sorry I had too


I’m loving the irony of your grammar mistakes while playfully teasing someone else’s spelling mistake. Also, I’m loving my misuse of the word “irony.”

I would take it back to the shop that could not find anything wrong and leave it overnight. At least they were honest enough to not sell you something you did not even need.

I owned Toyotas for many years. When sitting overnight, and particularly when it was damp out, I would get the dreaded reverse squeal. Once the brakes warmed up and the moisture was driven out the squeal went away.

My 2004 Sienna did this the most and I found that while the van had four wheel disc brakes, it still used a small drum brake for the parking brake mechanism. When I finally swapped out the parking brake shoes during a routine brake job (with new rotors as well) the squeal disappeared for good.

Since moving to vehicles with four wheel disc brakes that do not incorporate a drum brake for the parking brake I have not had any of the dreaded “reverse squeal” in the morning. Good luck finding your culprit!!!

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Change your pads to another brand.

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