Squealing Clutch

I have a 2008 Subaru WRX with 22K on it. I purchased it with 300 miles on it, it was used as the test drive car… maybe not the best decision. This problem started last year around this time ~10K. Every time it is cool and damp outside my clutch squeals (sounds like a belt squealing) when it is fully disengaged (peddle down the to floor) and continues as to about 3/4 of the way up and then stops. It only starts after I have put pressure on the drive train via putting it in gear and moving either backwards or forwards. It continues for ~30 minutes (the drive to work). In the middle of the day when it is warm the noise is gone. All of this noise is also felt in the clutch (at least I think it is) it almost feels like it is ratcheting up. I was able to replicate it for the dealer once and they replaced the throwout bearing. The ratcheting sensation went away, it also disappears with the noise now, and it felt like new. They want to replace the throwout bearing again and I am not sure this will take care of the underlying problem. Thanks for the help.

I think you should let them install a new throwout bearing, and if it doesn’t fix the problem, don’t take the car home. Instead walk right back into the dealership, hand them the keys, and say “try again.” Make sure you pick up the car after it has been sitting overnight.

Unfortunately, they can probably get away with fixing it just enough to get you past the warranty period.

I now know it has to do with water. I picked it up from the dealer and they ran it through the car wash and when I got it back the squealing I normally hear on a very damp morning was a chirp but was still there. It only lasted long enough for me to grab the maintenance person and then it stopped and he couldn’t hear it and neither could I ~2 minutes. They were saying that it was rust build up on the fly wheel but I am not sure I believe that, not in that short of a time. They have replaced the throwout bearing but could this be something more serious, say a clutch plate?

I’d be more inclined to suspect glaze on either the flywheel or the pad faces of the clutchplate…perhaps even on the pressure plate face.

A WRX that was used as a test car is what makes me suspect this. Only the Lord knows what that poor clutch assembly has been subjected to.

This is what I am worried about, is this something that will involve a clutch replacement or do I just have to deal with the sound?

If my guess is correct, you can live with the sound. Glaze will not get worse. If my guess is wrong and it is the release bearing, it’ll get worse…but you’ll know by the sound.

Either way, it won’t damage anything else and you can live with it while you decide.

The problem that I have with “rust” on the clutch is that if something is oxidizing it is taking small amounts of the clutch with it and is being warn off thus eliminating the squealing. My worry is that this will increase wear of the clutch. I think we are scheduled for rain again this evening and I will have them look at it again tonight.