Noisy clutch

I have a 2007 subaru forester, manual transmission. Driving home the other night the clutch began to make a very loud squeeking noise when the clutch is depressed. We had been on a hour long highway drive and the sound happened in the last 5 minuets of the drive on slower roads. The clutch has continued making the noise when depressed. Last winter the clutch made a much quieter squeeking sound for a few weeks and by the time it was in the shop, the sound was gone and they found no problems. I am particularly concerned because I am about to take a 3 hour (possibly longer with traffic) drive for the holidays. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

If the clutch is making a sound when you press the clutch pedal in…it’s usually the throw-out bearing. How many miles on the forester?? If it’s the throw-out bearing then it’ll need to be replaced…But as long as the mechanic is in there replacing the throw-out bearing he might as well replace the clutch assembly. Most of the cost is labor.

The forester has about 75,000 miles on it. Is the throw-out bearing replacement an immediate need? Will holding off on replacing it be a safety? I have heard before that it is best to put off major servicing before a long drive unless it is a safety issue. Is this good advice? Thank you for your advice.

I’ve seen noisy throw-out bearings last anther year. I’ve also seen them break apart in 2 weeks. The colder weather isn’t helping it either. Have it checked out. Not very familiar with this vehicle so a good mechanic or Surbaru specialist will know a lot more and able to give you a better assessment.

thank you.

I’ve seen similar squeaking/screeching from a dry pilot bushing as well. Though I agree with the other replies that there’s a high probability it’s the throw-out bearing.

Hi All~ Thank you for your help. Today the car died while driving. Fortunately we were able to push it to a repair shop that happened to be near by. The car still starts in neutral, but when the clutch is depressed it won’t get in gear and dies. They have quoted us $500-600 to replace the clutch. Does this seem reasonable and does it sound like a new clutch is in order?

$500-$600 is very reasonable on ANY modern car for clutch replacement.

Had the clutch replaced on my 98 pathfinder a few years ago…$1100. It’s an all day job for a experienced mechanic with a lift. Transmission, Transfercase, Exhaust, Cross members, O2 Sensors all have to be removed just to get to the clutch.