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Squealing Clutch

I have a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX and recently it started making a squealing noise while the clutch is depressed at low speeds. I’ve researched that it’s likely the pilot bearing or bushing? My questions are: should I have the entire clutch replaced? How much should it cost? And will I cause more problems if I wait too long to do anything? How long can I wait? Thanks!

Pilot bearing or maybe throw out bearing. How many miles on the clutch?

The sooner the better on repair

You are right, it’s the pilot bearing or throw-out bearing…If the clutch peddle must be fully depressed to hear the noise, it’s the pilot. If the noise starts when you just begin to feel peddle resistance, it’s the throw-out…

In either case, replace the entire clutch. In many cases, pressure-plate can be reused if after a good cleaning in a solvent tank it looks okay…You should not wait too long…If it’s the pilot, the transmission mainshaft can be damaged which will double the repair cost. If the throw-out fails completely, it creates an equally ugly mess…

Ok i engaged mouth b4 brain. The transmission has to come out to repair it. The cost of parts should be relatively cheap. Replace everything. Pilot,Throw out,clutch,pressure plate

125k on the clutch, figure it’s about time…should replacement cost between $600-1000?

Today, that’s about right…If your pressure plate is okay, that will save you $100 or so…

Sometimes, suppliers sell all the clutch parts as a package, the disk, plate, throwout and pilot bearing and discount the package price over the individual parts price…

Don’t “cheap out.” Replace the clutch and the pressure plate. Saving $100 isn’t worth the hassle of a possible replacement in the near future.

Then enjoy your WRX for another 100k miles.

awesome, thank you all for your help!