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Squealing brakes

I have been doing my own brakes for years. I have had some that were not easy to keep from squealing but this one has me wanting to get rid of the car. We have a 2008 Dodge Magnum R/T package. Roughly 38K miles on the car. When the car reached around 10K miles the rear passenger wheel would squeal when you applied the brake. Rotor surface was smooth as glass. I took off the rear rotors only and had them turned. Problem went away for about 5K miles. Then the fronts started squealing. I replaced the fronts because hte factory did not leave any material to be turned and noted that Dodge glued the pads to the calipers like they would never need to come off. Problem went away for a little while. Then it came back with a vengeance. I replaced the pad material on the fronts with ThermoQuiet pads from Raybestos. Problem is coming back again and now I cannot tell which end of the car it is even coming from because it it so loud. My wife drives this car very carefully. My thought is she is polishing the rotors too smooth and this is our source of noise.

We are at the point of squealing again and I am at my wits end with this. If I light foot it, no noise. If I stop like I think it should be stopped, not killing it, the noise is there. If I stop very quickly about 3 to 5 times in a row the noise is gone for a little while until the pads cool and then it is back even if I am on the same journey.


noted that Dodge glued the pads to the calipers like they would never need to come off.

What the hell? Something isn’t right there. Are you sure they were “glued,” or did they bond to the caliper due to heat cycles and/or rust?

The pads had some black sticky material holding the pad to the caliper. Not sure what it was but it wasn’t the usual anti-squeak stuff I’m used to seeing between the pad and caliper. This stuff took some wrangling to get loose.

Car is a North Alabama car and we bought it new. It had around 30K miles when I changed the pads.

Did you put anti-squeal on them when you changed the pads? Do those pads have shims, and did you put them on if they do?

I put anti-squeal on them since they were so glued down and I made sure I placed all the shims back in where they were on the calipers.

This squeal will go away for many weeks if I turn the rotors again. But it always comes back on this car.