2013 Camaro Brake Squeal

My 2013 Camaro Brakes have been squealing for about a year. It only happens when they’re like 30%-70% compressed. I changed the pads and rotors a few months ago, and the squealing continued.

Mechanic told me the pins and hardware were gummed up and needed cleaning/greasing. Paid $270 for it, and the squealing didn’t stop. The mechanic then told me it’s because I have discount pads (Detroit axle) and replacing them and turning the rotors would fix it. $180 would be the cost, but I don’t know if I trust him.

My uncle says they’re wrong and it’s probably a rear suspension issue. I’m inclined to believe him because why would I get the same screech before and after I changed the pads?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

You know you had oem GM pads ? and they squeaked? And new budget stuff squeaks? I don’t see the connection.

Front, rear or both? What brakes do you have? Brembo? Is this a 6 cylinder or a performance V8?

Ok, stop taking your car there, this person isn’t very good.

Why does he say this? Is the noise from the rear? Or from the front?

You need to tell us more info. Post back with answers and we’ll try and help.

Replaced both front and back, Detroit axle disk brakes, V6.

when my uncle rode with me, we couldn’t hear any squealing. I believe He thinks the added weight means the suspension doesn’t go down as much when the car brakes. He also helped me change the pads and rotors, we greased things thoroughly and he recommended the pads/rotors to me cuz they were a good deal and hes used them.

He told me to push on the back of the car to see if it would make the noise, but it didn’t.

I thought the noise was from the rear drivers tire, but the mechanic said he thought it was drivers front. It’s definitely on the drivers side tho.

I can’t see how the suspension could cause brake squeal. :thinking:

Are all the clips on the pads present and accounted for? You might want to try applying anti-squeal compound to the back of the pads.

That’s not correct and the suspension wouldn’t be squealing unless something was actually rubbing and clearly that’s not the case.

Some cars are more susceptible to squeal that others and some brands are more likely to squeal. The squeal is annoying but won’t hurt the ability of the car to stop. The Detroit pads are ceramics as are most of the pads offered for this car. They are generally quieter than metallic pads.

Agree with @NYBo, a little brake grease on the back of the pads may help.

If you just have to have them quiet, switching pads to a different brand may fix the problem but you don’t have to replace the rotors as they are nearly new. I’d suggest ACDelco or Bosch ceramic pads.

Yes everything looked fine. I didn’t put any of the spray but both I and allegedly the mechanic greased everything, so that should be sufficient?

Just seems weird that they would squeal before and after installation of the new pads and rotors.

Did you or your mechanic put anything on the back of the pads? Are the anti-rattle clips new and properly installed?

Gotcha. Like I said, I just thought it probably wasn’t the pads if the same squealing was happening with the original pads.

I’ll probably just live with it, only noticeable with the windows down. But if you think of anything else I can check out, lemme know.

Forgot to mention but my car has a messed up speed sensor or maybe a bearing, which caused the abs to flicker and made a grinding noise. I took the abs chip out, so there’s no abs brakes or grinding anymore. After I took out the chip, the power braking in the car doesn’t work for the first 20-30 seconds after ignition.

Any chance all of this is related?

I put brake grease on the back of them. I even bought more than what was included in the package. And yes those are all properly installed.

I bought the car used 4 years ago, the squealing started about a year ago with the OEM pads and continued with the replaced ones. So I’m just lost lol.

It appears that new rotors would be the next step. Unfortunately, yours pads are probably shaped to the old problematic rotors.