Brake Squeal

I have an 08 Dodge Charger. About a year after I bought the car, I noticed a squealing in my breaks. Thinking it was too early for my brake pads to go, I still, nevertheless went to replace them. After taking the tires off, I realized the front pads were fine, but the backs were a little low, no i decided to replace the back pads and leave the fronts. It was then my car started to wobble when i breaked. I had the rotors turned, put all new brake pads across the board and my call breaks fine but it still squeals when break. The car breaks fine but the squealing is loud and annoying. Any thoughs? thanks all

There are all sorts of things in there that vibrate when you brake and if the vibration isn’t controlled or dampened you get squeal. The things that control vibration include anti-rattle clips, shims, and sometimes some well placed brake grease.

Squealing disc brakes are often the result of missing shims or a lack of brake pad anti-squeal compound, or both. Did you replace the shims? Did you apply anti-squeal compound to the backs of the brake pads?

“Any thoughts?” Well, yes.

"Brake squeal.

. . . squealing in my breaks . . . too early for my brake pads to go . . . wobble when I breaked. . . all new brake pads . . . my call breaks fine but it still squeals when break. (Both in the same sentence!) . . . breaks fine but . . ."

Please make up your mind. Are they “brakes,” or are they “breaks?” There’s a difference.

They all should be Brake. The car squeals when i brake, and it brakes fine. I replaced the shims and added brake grease. I even added more brake grease a few months after to try and supress the noise. At the risk of sounding even more like and idiot. Would the brake grease in the first post be the same as the anti-squeal compound? I don’t remember now if what used was specifically labeled "anti-squeal compound"