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Car squeals while moving but immediately stops when I hit the brake

My 2009 Toyota Corolla (130,000 miles) squeals/ squeaks sometimes while driving. The squeal isn’t constant, it usually starts a few miles in to each drive. It only squeals when the car is moving, and the faster I go, the louder and more constant it gets. It stops immediately when I hit the brakes. Sometimes, turning the wheel helps it stop momentarily, but that’s not very reliable.

I had the serpentine belt replaced at 125,000 miles (the squeal was there before and after the repair), and the mechanic said I still have about 3 mm on my brake pads before they need to be replaced. They guessed that the squealing was from “glazed” brake disks and rusty rotors, but they don’t have to replace any of it until I need new brake pads. In total, to repair it, they estimated about $600. Is this likely the problem? And if so, is $600 unreasonable?

It sounds like the brakes are nearly worn out and I suggest you check a few more shops out before having the work done.

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the brake pads are worn out.
the brake pads have a metal wear indicator on them when the pads wear down the metal tab touches the brake rotor and makes a squealing or screetching sound to let you know that it`s time to replace the brake pads

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