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Squeaking Wheel on Toyota Corolla - Tire Change

I have just (one day ago) replaced a tire on the rear near side wheel of my 2006 Toyota Corolla LE. The tire is new. The old one became flat when driving, and was irrepairably damaged during driving to the car shop (Wal Mart). I had the wheel balanced after the new tire was put on. The wheel now squeaks when the car slows down during breaking. The noise appears to occur in pulses, and is dependent on the rotational speed of the wheel (ie squeak-squeak, squeak–squeak,squeak—squeak etc.) I am guessing that a brake shoe is rubbing against the drum, but I do not really know that.

Any expert help would be appreciated. I have a basic understanding of car workings, but am no mechanic. Amongst other things I am wondering whether I should go back to the place where the tire was replaced and get them to take some action, and if so, what?

Thank you.

Go to parking lot go about 5-10mph in reverse and slam on breaks, do this 2-3 times and see if they adjust themselfs.
If not Wheel will need to come off.

Taking a wheel off of a car and putting it back on will not ever cause brake squeak, new tire or not, balanced or not. Sounds like a coincidence to me. Don’t go back and blame WalMart for an unrelated issue. Take it to a shop that does brakes(not WalMart) and have them inspect the brakes. A brake inspection can usually be had for a nominal fee.

hd72mm and Xebadaih - Thank you both for your help.