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Slow Speed Squeaking

I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla, automatic trans, ~140K miles. At low speeds (< 30-35 mph), I’m hearing a repetitive squeaking noise every time the tires turn over. When I accelerate past about 35-40 mph, the squeaking noise goes away completely. It seems to be coming from the rear tires mainly, but I’m not sure since I don’t usually have passengers in the backseat.

I also have had trouble with my rear brakes squealing when braking, especially when the car’s not warm yet, and they slip a bit as I come to a stop (sudden or gradual). A few shops have all told me that my brake pads look fine and have lots of life left on them.

Could both problems be related to a rotor issue?

The squeaking may be from a cracked rim.

Brake squealing usually comes from either the pad wear indicator touching the rotor or rust build up.

Your vehicle has rear drums and may have rust or dirt inside between the drum and brake shoe.

The ‘slipping’ you mentioned may occur from a possible sticking caliper.

My car has the same problem a week ago, My pads had lots of meat on them but they still squealed at low speeds just like like yours, I Just had too take off my caliper and Grease the sliders and applied some anti-squeal too the back of the pads and it went away