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Squealing Noise Front Right Tire (Already replaced brakes)

There’s a squealing noise that seems to be coming from the right side of my car. It happens when I accelerate and subsides as I brake. The squealing also stops when I’m turning left.

I just replaced the brakes and the sound still continues.

Toyota Corolla 1989

The brakes or wheel bearings are the most likely culprits…

Could be a belt also.

It’s not a belt as I’ve lifted the hood an accelerated.

Seems like it’ll be the wheel bearings I suppose.

Would those be hard to replace myself? It was my first time doing the brakes, wasn’t so bad.

I would revisit the brake job. There could be an anti-rattle clip or backing plate rubbing on the rotor. This is easy to cause for a first timer doing their own brakes. Happens to experienced techs as well.