Squeaky Clutch

Recently the clutch on our 2004 Saturn Vue has started squeaking whenever we engage it. Is this an issue?

I would suggest a little spray lube on the pedal’s pivot point. Does it make this squeak while the pedal is moving or does it also do it when you are just holding the pedal down? If it is making the noise when it is being held down, then you likely need a new throw out bearing.

Are you in the habit of holding the pedal down when you are stopped rather than shifting into neutral?

Wife wife drives it mostly. I shift into neutral. I believe she does as well. I believe it squeaks mainly when in motion. Thanks for the advice.

Is the squeek comming from inside the car or from the standard transmission bell housing, (not in the passenger compartment but from the engine/transmission bay)?
If the first do the lube thing Joe suggests. If the latter he is right again, the throw out bearing is most suspect. If it is an automatic transmission, and comming from under the floor take it to a reputable independent transmission shop.