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High pitch squeal making me loopy

2002 Ford Ranger 6 cylinder Manuel Drive, whenever you push on the accelerator makes a high pitch squeal. Changed Idler pulley and belt, No luck. Any ideas? Thank you

Where is the squeal coming from? is it constant as long as the accelerator is pressed, or does it only squeal while you’re moving the pedal?

Only when moving the pedal. Once you’re up to speed it stops.

Does it squeal in neutral or only in gear?

If it squeals in neutral, the simplest way to find out what’s slipping (or failing) is to simply put your head under the hood and rev the engine. While you head is under there, you could use a worklight to look for a glazed pulley. That might be a clue.

If it only squeals when accelerating, perhaps the sound is coming from your clutch assembly (to include your throwout bearing). Take it on the highway and floor it in its highest gear. If it slips, your clutch is shot. If it doesn’t, it still might be your throwout bearing.