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Squeaky the unfixable

I am pretty sure that I am attempting to murder my car right now by driving it but I have tried to take it into the shop twice and the mechanics have no idea how to fix mr squeaky pants. Mr Squeaky is a 2003 Subaru Legacy

Here are the signs and symptoms that my car wants to die. The car makes sound like grinding metal after I drive it for a good 10-15 miles. It starts up when I turn to the right. It does not seem to matter how slight the turn to the right is but it seems to not start up until I head in that direction a little bit. Once it gets going, it does not stop, and squeals incessantly. I can make it stop by putting my foot on the brakes but the noise almost always starts right back up as soon as I take my foot off the brake. Speed of travel seems to have no effect on this noise. If I park my car for 5 min and then drive away, again the noise normally goes away. My heat gauge never goes into the oh crap zone, and my mechanics swear my brakes are good.

As a cartard I was really hoping I could get this fixed before I have to walk to work. Any ideas?

Does the car have to be moving to make the noise? If so I would suspect a brake or wheel bearing issue. If the car can be stationary and noisy I would think a belt or steering problem, given that the noise starts with turning the wheel. But without hearing the noise, getting ideas on a forum is going to be difficult.

BTW, I assume your username means “an album cover” and not “anal bum cover.”

It has to be moving to make the noise and while I am not sure exactly where it is coming from I don’t think it’s in the engine compartment. I do have an unrelated belt issue and I have had the same belt swapped out twice but the sound is distinctly different and I have had the pleasure of hearing them murder me right in the ear hole at the same time.

As for the name thing I am not sure I follow. The name is an album cover but I don’t see where you are getting that other thing.

I’m in agreement with asemaster about this possibly being a brake or wheel bearing issue. The brakes can be “good” and still make noise.
While the car is moving and when this noise appears very lightly touch the brake pedal to see if the noise goes away. If the noise disappears then the brake issue need to be revisited.

Without dragging the discussion out, the choice of an ID could have been better thought out as it could raise some questions about credibility of the post, etc.

The light brake thing does make it go away but the mechanic has twice told me the brakes are great. I think I will take my car somewhere else. Thanks for the help =)

…Still not seeing the problem with an album cover…

Move the spacing between the words around-instead of reading it as an_album_cover, move the space after ‘an’ two letters to the right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. Um. I am an idiot. =(

Are the mechanics actually removing the brake caliper on the side the noise is coming from? If something is stuck between the brake and the rotor, it won’t be visible until the caliper is removed. The pads should also be removed and the shims checked. If it doesn’t have shims, then a product like molycoat77 or disc brake quiet should be added to the back of the pads and reinstalled.

My second choice would be one of the CV joints, but I’m not sure why.

I think all the mechanic did was look at the level of ware on the breaks call it not bad and then charge $200 for it.

I think the brakes are probably fine, I am thinking bearing or axle or tensioner or water pump, power steering or alternator. A good mechanic with a stethascope can listen for problems. Sure a lot of options but if you can pinpoint the part when it makes noise it is easy to fix.

No worries, albumcover-my screen name is a joke based on the same idea :). More importantly, you’re getting some good advice on the squeaking. I’m also inclined to believe it’s not the brakes, as every brake noise I had was present when I first drove off, not after 5-10 minutes. Wouldn’t be my first time being wrong though.