1990 Subaru Legacy squeaks from rear of car 10 min. after parking

Hi, I have a 1990 Subaru Legacy AWD wagon with almost 300,000 miles. After driving it for almost any length of time (long enough to bring it up to operating temperature) I’ll park it, shut it off, walk away, & about 10 minutes later it will emit a loud squeak from the center rear underside of the car, almost as if something shifts position when the car heats up, then shifts back when its cooling off. Any ideas what could be making this noise, is it dangerous, should I get it looked at/fixed?

I was getting a sound from mine - didn’t take that long - but it turned out to be as simple as the driveshaft. It needed a bit of grease where the yoke slid into the transmisison (there’s a grease point there for this purpose on mine). It was sticking (remaining stressed), and after a bit of time, it would relax and let go. It was a very, very cheap repair. :slight_smile: