2003 subaru legacy front driver side squeak

I am having the same problem these folks explain below. Could you help us? I thought maybe a wheel bearing - don’t know. The sound is high pitch squeak - no scratch - no grind. As stated below it does not occur all the time but it now occurring more frequently. It is triggered by uphill driving. I would like to have some idea of the possible issues before forking over the cash. The car has 89,000 miles and I take great care of her. Front and rear breaks have been replaced.

Periodic Noise

Wife’s car (1999 Subaru Legacy Outback with >140K miles) makes intermittent noise coming from the left front area. It seems to be a function related to a position / speed of the wheel. It makes a noise which varies from a rubbing low-frequency to a squeaking and high -pitch. We’ve brought it in to the dealer 3 times without resolution. When the car was in a noise mood, we brought it in to have the dealer tech listen to it and verify that we’re not crazy. I thought that it might be a stuck brake caliper, wheel bearing or speedometer cable. But nothing has been confirmed as yet. Besides turning up the radio to full volume - what do you recommend?

pry the backing plate away from the rotor!

I am not a mechanic myself. Is this something I could do or is this a shop project?

take it to a a shop, have them look at the brakes… if the brakes are good and there is no hardware rubbing the rotor it could be the backing plate- happens all the time especially if you just had brakes done.

thanks so very much.