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Squeaky Tacoma Leaf Springs


I really enjoy my 2007 Tacoma but those squeaky rear leaf springs make it sound like a creaky old truck and I only have about 40K miles. The local dealership said Toyota is aware but has not offered any fix, and I am under extended warranty.

Any ideas or better information?

Thanks in advance.

I’d get a power washer in there and make sure they were totally free of any crud. Then I’d let them dry out thoroughly (a good road trip in warm weather will do the trick) and then I’d oil them with WD-40. I get my truck oil sprayed (oil guard) with the original formula -the one that drips for a few days afterwards. I always ask them to make sure the leaf springs get a good application and this has pretty much solved any squeaks. They also sell the oil by the can so you can reapply it if and when the problem recurs.

A mix of kerosene and oil also works to quiet squeaky leaf springs.

Silcone spray should help also. Start at the shackles.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Markbe, another fix for this if you don’t want the oily dripping going on,is to jack up your Taco from the frame so the weight is off the rear axle. Depending on the ground clearance of your truck you may have to do some modified jacking to get it off the ground so the weight is totally off the leaf springs, next , if you have an old rubber inner tube, cut 2 or 3 small squares of the rubber to go in between each leaf spring. A small thin pry bar is essential to pry the springs apart enough to slide the rubber squares in so as to stop the leaf springs from touching each other.Over time you may have to replace the rubber but its more of a long term fix and not near as messy as the oils, Good Luck